Spending hours coordinating outfits

Struggling to get everyone ready on time

Maybe even bickering with your spouse

Or losing patience with the kids

Wondering "What if the kids don’t cooperate?"

Are you dreading...

DOES THE THOUGHT OF GETTING YOUR FAMILY TO A PHOTO SESSION STRESS YOU OUT even though you just want some memorable photos of yourself with your family that aren’t selfies?

The struggle is real

Spokane Newborn Photographer

As a busy mom, I empathize and am here to help take the stress off your plate so you can enjoy making actual memories with your family by pre-planning outfits, recommending hair and makeup artists, curating your session to fit your vision and who you are, all the way to designing heirloom artwork that will proudly display those beautiful images. Motherhood is such important work, your bond with your family is precious and deserve to be documented, allow me to preserve your memories in the way that you can fully focus on your loved ones.

If any of those sound all too familiar, it’s because I’ve been in the same boat.


I didn’t know any English until age 12, when I moved to the US. I had to read pre-school level books in 7th grade, and studied the dictionary everyday after school. communicating using body language was my best friend for the first few years of life in the U.S.


I taught mandarin in my early twenties on youtube when it was first a thing. Some of my videos have over 250k views. Always wondered what could have been if I kept at it. 


During our first date, my husband opted for an American restaurant because he didn't want to make assumptions. As we started dating, he quickly discovered that my absolute favorite cuisine is in fact, Asian. So now whenever we go out to eat, that's pretty much all I want to eat - asian food and boba tea.

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