However, I understand that the prepping process can be intimidating, and you may be searching for a more elevated experience than the traditional picturesque setting and staged poses. As a mother, you deserve to be included in the family photos, in the most authentic, candid, and unposed manner possible. 

It's essential to capture the fleeting moments of your children's youth, as you know they won't remain little forever.

As a spokane family photographer and mother with a full schedule, you are all too aware of how swiftly time passes.

Whether it's baking cookies in the comfort of your own kitchen or cycling through scenic trails, I aim to capture your family's life in a way that reflects your passions and personalities. My custom photography service guarantees a delightful and unforgettable experience filled with laughter, love, and an abundance of elegantly curated photos that will preserve your precious moments for generations to come.

With me, it's not just a simple photoshoot, but a momentous occasion to cherish and create unforgettable memories, as well as showcase artwork that captures the essence of your family's uniqueness.

tailored to your family's unique interests, resulting in truly natural and candid moments.

Indulge in personalized and activity-based experiences

In this fast-paced world, these precious memories can easily get lost among the endless streams of digital clutter on our phones, computers, and cloud storage spaces. We're left with only a vague recollection when social media reminds us of that one day so many years ago. However, your memories are priceless and should be treasured as such. That's why I offer a personalized photo experience for your family, creating a stunning visual narrative that captures the essence of your loved ones.

Through my custom-designed, high-quality artwork, your home will be transformed into a living tribute to your family, a constant reminder of the special moments that make life worth living.

As parents, we often try to capture and preserve fleeting moments with our kids through photographs. But...

albums & artwork

Most of my clients utilize my expertise in advising and assisting with artwork for their homes.
This process takes 2-3 weeks after gallery is delivered. 

04. Artwork ordering

I will get working on your photos and send you a sneak peek gallery within 7 business days.
My usual turnaround time for full gallery is around 3-4 weeks.

03. gallery Reveal

We will have a relaxed and fun session together, enjoy making memories and create beautiful images.

2. Session Day

Once you reserve your session, you will receive a welcome guide that contains helpful planning information: style & outfit guide, links to my client closet, location guide, and artwork information.

01. Wardrobe + Planning

The process

A Look at

This membership type experience is perfect for those who are seeking more than one photoshoot. For example, a maternity and newborn package, or a spring wildflower and fall Christmas card experience. Whatever the case may be, choosing The Narrative experience will save you money by booking a minimum of two photoshoots ahead of time. 

The Narrative

Investment starts at $690


This individual lifestyle session is a great way for a one time experience, including but not limited to, family, in home newborn, pregnancy announcement, baby milestone, and more. Prior to the session we will chat about what is most important to you, so I know what to focus on most during our time together. We will also talk about what locations are meaningful to you and expect lots of snuggles, silliness, and fun!

The Short Story

packages & investment

xo, Abbey R.

"Sophie is an amazing photographer!! She goes above and beyond to get the best picture even when my four small kids are not the easiest subjects. So thankful for Sophie and her work!"

xo, Brittney M.

"Sophie was amazing! She’s so great with kids and so patient with whatever situation happens. She made us all so comfortable, my mom has booked an all family photoshoot with her."

xo, Sarah H.

"Sophie gets the best photos from a very unpredictable baby & now toddler. Our family will be using her for as long as she’ll have us. she’s become such an important person TO our family."

Love Notes

Gosh, how I understand! With my approach with photography, I will give prompts to help create authentic and fun interactions between you as family members with each other! There will be lots of snuggles, kisses, and tickles!

After the booking process, I will send you a styling guide to the general rules when planning your family's outfit. I will also send a color pallet of complimenting colors I think would look good on your family, and mock up outfit pieces for you as ideas and links to shop directly.

Absolutely, I've got you! I know we all have insecurities about our bodies and we are our worst critic! I will pose you in flattering positions, and I do light Photoshop work that retouches blemishes on skin, and occasional double chin.

This is music to my ears! I'm always down for an adventure and love any idea or theme you bring to my attention! If you want to bake in your kitchen, or do a hike to your special spot, or spend time at your favorite lake, I'm in! I'm all about making your experience authentic and special to you and your loved ones.

Once I receive your inquiry, I will send a welcome email and calendar to schedule our 30 minute consultation call. If you decide that I’m your photographer, I will send over the booking link to confirm our booking, and we will start the planning of our photoshoot. After the photoshoot, I will get working on your photos and you will receive a sneak peek gallery within 7 business days. I will deliver your full gallery within 3-4 weeks after the photoshoot date unless otherwise specified.

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